Positive Pakistan is an organization meant for young leaders who are inspired by the philosophy of Dr. Mohammad Iqbal – poet of the East. Its objective is to increase awareness of Iqbal’s “two nation theory” – the foundation of Pakistan among students through the motivational philosophy of Iqbal and strengthen their belief in the message “Faith, Unity and Discipline” as bequeathed by Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
Positive Pakistan team believes that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Shikwa e Zulmat e Shab Se Tou Kahin BehterTha,
Apnay Hissay ki Ik Shama Jalatay Jatay


Ask Yourself

Only a person with acceptance attribute can make life in count.

Pollution and Innovation

Pollution is increasing day by day and is not only the problem of devolving countries but also of developed countries all over the world.

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Positive Pakistan Through its Blogs want to make a positive impact on the minds of young generation so together we can achieve the philosophy of the great poet Allama Muhammad Ibqal

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Revolutionary movement in its momentum, our mission is to change the current environment of negativity in the society, emphasize positive role of media and to enlighten youth with our heritage, trust within, character-building & our basic values as taught by our parents and elders.